Irya is a Helsinki-based artist & producer with deep love for Afro-Cuban polyrhythms, storytelling and timeless wisdom founded in music and dance.

With influences like Manu Chao, Finnish melancholic tunes, the south side of Stockholm and classical music background, let's still be clear: her musical home is Cuba. She embraces the constant movement, multilingualism and relies on the power of repetition in music – while always seeking for everyday magic and true love. If you find yourself dancing, forgetting the language barriers and wondering who she is, you are sharing the experience.

With her latest record, Bienvenido a mi corazón, Irya tunes into the frequency of love.  Afro-Cuban polyrhythms, acoustic vintage sound (with some unexpected elements) and her soft voice takes you to the place where dreams have a meaning and dancing is always a good choice.

Her first EP 5OLAS got a beautiful response and in 2021 she also released a song together with two Cuban artists, jazz singer Daymé Arocena and rap artist Barbaro el Urbano Vargas. Her songs has been played for example in Sveriges Radio and Radio Helsinki. 

She currently works on her next project, together with pianist Helena Kallas and percussionist Jani Lehtioksa, known from Bomba Buena. 

"Una canción con una fuerte carga de crítica social donde, en un ambiente ritual, se mezclan los toques de batá, misceláneas y violines con las voces de estos tres artistas para además homenajear, entre rezos y halagos, a la Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre en su día." -FARO (Amarillo Single with Daymé Arocena & Barbaro el Urbano Vargas)
"Elektroninen sekoittuukin erottamattomasti akustiseen, intiimi avoimeen ja yö päivään." -Mika Roth, Desibeli (5OLAS EP)
"HYMNs musikvideoskribent Sofie Tedenstad blev imponerad av Iryas visuella EP 5OLAS" -HYMN (5OLAS Visual EP)